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Whiteside Router Bits

Voted #1 Router Bit by Fine Woodworking


in an 18 router bit road test evaluation!

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    Woodworkersworld.net exclusively stocks Whiteside Router Bits. Whiteside is a manufacturer of industrial grade carbide router bits, manufactured using the highest quality workmanship, here in the United States.

         They are the premiere carbide router bit manufacturer. You don't have to take our word on it! See Fine Woodworking Magazine issue #137 August 1999 and again in issue #191 June 2007.


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Whiteside Router Bits Rated #1 among 17 different router bit manufactures.

An Overview of the Fine Woodworking Magazine issue #137 August 1999 article.   Whiteside router bits were rated #1 and had the lowest number of chip outs per linear foot than any other of the 16 router bits tested. This group included Amana, CMT, Bosch, Porter-Cable, and Freud. It stayed sharper longer, but it was not the most expensive, in fact the price was in the middle of the pack. It is manufactured in the United States with tight tolerances and a thick chunk of carbide. It is also a quieter router bit. There appears to be a relationship between the noise a router bit makes and the quality of cut it produces. Overall, router bits that are machined to tight tolerances, have very little run out and hence they have little vibration, less noise, and a smoother and cleaner cut. Which is what we care about the most: a router bit that lasts the longest and cuts the cleanest.  

      Woodworkersworld.net exclusively sells carbide Whiteside Router Bits. To check out the profiles available click here.

Whiteside Router Bits Again Voted #1 by Fine Woodworking Magazine issue #191 June 2007 for the Best Overall and the Best Value in an 18 router bit torture test evaluation to find the smoothest cutting router bit. Again this group included Amana, CMT, Bosch, Porter-Cable, Freud, MLSC, and Grizzly. Woodworkers want three things from their router bits: cut cleanly stay sharp for a long time, and get them for a good price. Whiteside router bits provide all three.

About Whiteside Industrial Carbide Router Bit Company

     Whiteside Industrial Carbide Router Bit Company was founded in 1970 as a general purpose machine shop. Located in the furniture manufacturing district of western North Carolina, the company was initially involved in making special-order carbide router bits for the furniture and woodworking industry. A strong commitment to customer problem-solving, a can-do attitude, and innovated ideas, along with a core of dedicated employees, helped the business evolve into a major manufacturer of woodworking carbide router bits.

     Today Whiteside Industrial Carbide Router Bit Company occupies a 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and produces a complete line of solid carbide and carbide tipped router bits. As always Whiteside is continuously striving to improve it's products through new technology, improved production techniques, and ongoing research and development efforts; along with rigid quality control, vital customer feedback and extensive field testing. Whiteside Industrial Carbide Router Bit Company, made in America, Family owned and operated, and committed to quality.

Router Bit Safety Guidelines

      Be Careful. Always wear eye and ear protection and wear dust masks. Avoid loose clothing. Keep hands, body, clothing, and hair away from the router bit cutter. Do not remove safety guards. Always feed against the router bit cutter rotation. Never use dull or damaged router bits. Disconnect power when changing the router bit or making adjustments. Follow all safety recommendations of the router manufacturer. Whiteside Machine Router Bit Company and Woodworkersworld.net assumes no responsibility for defects, damage or injury (direct or indirect) caused by misuse, abuse, alteration or modification of any router bit (including sharpening).

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