Best Router Table 2022 – [Buyers Guide]

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Choosing the best router table for your wood shop is not easy and the choice will normally be dictated by your budget, how much use it will be getting, and how exactly you will be using it.

Although a hand held router is quite versatile there are significant advantages to mounting your router on a table.

Table mounted routers will generally be safer particularly if you are using large bits. Larger bits can have a much bigger ‘kick’, if a large bit hits a knot it can kick a lot harder than you might think.

I’d rather not have high speed bit kick in my hands, with a router table the bit remains stationary and it is the wood that kicks, which is much safer.

A router table is also better if you are cutting very small pieces of stock as it is much easier to work a small piece against a bit, than a bit against a small piece.

For best results and safer operation, bits that cut the ‘tongue’ in tongue and groove, raised panel bits, shaper’s for moldings, and such, the router should really be installed in a table.

As a general rule if you feel that controlling the router by hand is not safe then mounting it on the underside of a router table is the best solution.

To get the best of both worlds i.e table mounted and handheld routing a two base combo kit that comes with a fixed and a plunge base is the best solution.

You bolt the fixed base to your table and use the plunge base for hand held work
Below is a list of the best router tables that are available in the market.

Best Router Table

1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 offers many useful features that help it stand out from this pack, including the following:

  • Two adjustable feather boards
  • Three mounting plate insert rings
  • Adjustable clear guard
  • Outfeed fence shims
  • Dual outlet switch
  • Dust collection port 
  • 27 x 18-inch work surface

Along with these features, the Bosch RA1181 router table is backed with a one-year warranty. 
The tall aluminum fence includes adjustable face plates for more support and smoother cutting. However, the main strength of the RA1181 router table is that it works with almost any portable router. It even includes hardware for mounting almost any Bosch router.

The Bosch RA1181 router table is also lightweight. It weighs about 35 pounds, making it one of the lightest options available. Despite the lightweight design, the RA1181 still offers a decent work surface. The surface measures 27 x 18-inches, which is big enough for most tasks.

You also get a dual outlet switch, a dust collection port, and two adjustable feather boards. These features provide more adjust-ability, increasing the versatility of the table.

If you must find a disadvantage to the Bosch bench-top router table, you may not like the plastic legs. While the table is durable and well built, the plastic legs were an odd choice that may not hold up after years of heavy duty use.

The Bosch RA1181 bench-top router table may not be the top table available. However, it does offer the best value for your money. It is one of the most affordable options, yet it provides many positive features that make it suitable for professionals or hobbyists.
The RA1181 is lightweight, versatile, and highly adjustable. The only issue is the plastic legs. In the end, the Bosch RA1181 bench-top router table is the best buy in this price range.

2. SKIL RAS900 Router Table

This SKIL RAS900 has everything you need to set up and get started, or to take your hobby to the next level.
It measures 28” x 17.75” x 9.25”, so most adults will be able to use it comfortably. The wide legs are stable and feel solid. It is relatively lightweight at 31.7 pounds, which means that it’s easy to set up and move around if necessary, but it may not be ideal for the heaviest jobs.

It is a self-contained unit and it arrives pre-assembled, with very little set up required. The legs fold for easy storage and transport.
The table boasts an efficient and compact design with an integrated storage bag for accessories, additional accessory storage compartments, a laminated MDF top, dual feather boards, a starter pin and guard for support, and a bit height gauge.
It also has features a quick-release router mount.
 Some of the routers that it is compatible with include:

  • Skil 1830, 1322
  • Bosch 1617
  • DeWalt DW617, DW618
  • Makita RF1100, RF1101
  • Porter-Cable 690, 7529, 892-895
  • Craftsman 17508, 17542, 26620, 17533, 17528, 17511, 17541, 26834, 28190.

If you want to use a different router, you can mark and drill holes in the marking plate.
Overall, this is an excellent entry-level router table for the money. It is easy to set up and it has plenty of features, including integrated storage for accessories.
All but the tallest adults will be able to use it comfortably, and the predrilled holes can accommodate many popular brands and models of routers (plus, it’s easy enough to alter if needed). 
Although it is light in weight, it is designed for stability and will be more than adequate for most projects. However, if you’re a professional or serious hobbyist, it may not live up to the demands of heavy use.

3. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

The Kreg PRS2100 is a benchtop router table, which means that it is designed to sit on top of a bench or another worktable.
Although it can be used on its own if necessary, it’s very low to the ground at 30” x 19.25” x 4.75”. It weighs in at 26.1 pounds, so it is both sturdy enough to stand on its own and light enough to easily mount on another tabletop. The wide-set steel legs add to its stability.

Although it’s compact, this router table offers most of the features that full-size tables do. The router insert plate can support even the largest routers and it comes with three of the most popular sizes of Level-Loc Reducing Rings that can be twisted in and locked flush to the plate surface (other rings can be purchased separately).
Laser-engraved mounting guidelines and a set of precision levelers also come with it.
You also get a new and improved industrial-quality fence with adjustable cam clamps. The fence is crafted from anodized aluminum with adjustable sliding faces.
It is designed so that you can also use it as a vertical jointer, which makes this table a great choice for people who need to use it on job sites since it can do double duty.
Other helpful features are the Easy-Slide skin, a miter gauge slot, thick rubber feet to provide stability and reduce vibration, and a vacuum shroud to keep your work area clean and tidy.
This bench top router table is an excellent choice for people who already have a solid work table that can support it, or people who need something that they can easily transport and set up on job sites.
It is designed for professional use, but it can certainly be at home in your home workshop. It is full-featured and sturdy while remaining light and portable.

4. KREGPRS1045 Router Table System

This is a full-featured, full-sized router table for professionals or serious hobbyists.
The sturdy steel legs adjust from 31” to 39” in height, and the table top measures 24” x 32”.
It weighs in at just a hair under 70 pounds, so once you’ve got it set up, you’ll probably want to keep it in place. 

The predrilled router plate fits most major brands of routers, and it’s easy to modify if your router is not included in the templates. This table is easy to set up, adjust, and use. It comes complete with the stand, a table top and insert plate, and a router table fence. Optional casters are sold separately.
The sturdy steel stand is powder-coated for durability and easy cleanup. The table top is made from durable MDF material and covered in Easy-Slide micro-dot high-pressure laminate, and the router plate has three molded Level-Loc reducing rings.
The table top includes a miter channel/T-slot that is compatible with many popular accessories and tools. With the T-square style router fence, you get a micro-adjust wheel for precision work and two fully independent fence faces for zero-clearance support.
You’ll also appreciate that the outfeed anchor has been redesigned for easier removal and more usable table surface. It comes with jointing rods and insert plate levelers as well.
This industrial-style and industrial-strength table is made for serious work. It’s big and it’s expensive, but it’s a great choice for those who are able to take full advantage of its strengths.
The adjustable height and wide, sturdy legs mean that almost everyone will feel comfortable using this table, which is another reason why it may be great for a shop piece.
The attractive blue finish is powder-coated so it will look great for years. It can be used with nearly any router, and you can add casters for convenience.

5. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

This Bosch router table is designed in a cabinet style, which provides stability without increasing weight or size.
The cabinet-style design also reduces noise and improves dust removal. There are two dust collection ports with standard vacuum hose outlets.

There is also an additional accessory slot that can be used for additional featherboards, a miter gauge, or any other 3/4-inch accessories. The table measures 25.5” x 15.88” x 18” and weighs 42 pounds.
It can be mounted on any work bench or table, and it can even be used on its own if need be (such as if you are using it at a work site).
With your purchase, you get the cabinet-style benchtop table, a set of three mounting plate insert rings and mounting hardware, two adjustable feather boards, an adjustable clear guard, a starter pin and guard, two outfeed fence shims, and a dual outlet switch.
This is a very versatile table. The router mounting plate fits many popular brands and models of routers, and the height adjustment is above the table’s surface.
The featherboards are easy to use and easy to adjust for precision and versatility. The aluminum fence has adjustable MDF faceplates.
The fence is tall and therefore can handle taller stock as well as provide additional control and guidance while you are working. 
The Bosch Cabinet Style router table is attractive, compact, convenient, and efficient, and it comes at a very attractive price.
If you do not need a full-size router table, this is an excellent choice and an excellent value. It is thoughtfully designed to maximize usage and efficiency, and it is loaded with helpful features for novice through serious woodworkers.
You’ll appreciate the quality and versatility of this table in your home workshop no matter what router you use or what projects you have in mind.

6. Craftsman Router & Table Combo

This Craftsman router and router table combination set is a great way to get started or get serious about your woodworking hobby. The set includes a 1.75 horsepower router and a table with 334 square inches of surface space, as well as a wrench, manual, and other accessories.

The 9.5-amp Craftsman router operates at 27,000 rpm. It has sealed and permanently lubricated ball bearings for reliability, and it can cut through hard woods including hickory. The bit depth and collet are adjustable.
The table features a laminated top that is 11/16” thick. It has a mounting plate that accommodates most major brands of routers, including but not limited to Craftsman routers.
The cutting height adjustment is above the table for most routers, which is very convenient. It comes with three insert rings of varying sizes. The fence is also adjustable with infeed and outfeed extending up to 2”, and a jointing offput of up to 9/16”.
Cutting depths are lockable and adjustable to micro-fine levels. The miter gauge can adjust up to 60 degrees in either direction. There is a dust extraction port and a double outlet power strip that has a safety lock.
This is an excellent entry-level package that sets you up with everything you need and then some. It’s convenient and a great value.
Serious and/or professional woodworkers will likely need something that’s more heavy duty and fully featured, but if you’re looking to get things done around the house or learn some new skills, this is a great choice at a great price and you won’t regret getting started with it.
Craftsman has been around for many decades and they know what people need.

7. Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

This Bosch portable benchtop router table is designed to be mounted on a workbench or work table, although it can be used on its own if you need something portable.
It measures 26” x 16.5” x 14”, and it comes pre-assembled for ease of setup and transport. You get the benchtop router table, mounting hardware, three mounting plate insert rings, an adjustable clear guard, two adjustable featherboards, two outfeed fence shims, and a starter pin and starter pin guard.

It has wide, sturdy, foldable legs for stability, and there are storage compartments inbuilt in the legs.
The Easy Click mounting plate requires no leveling and is compatible with major brands and models of routers including:

  •  Bosch 1617-Series
  • Craftsman 17508, 17511, 17528, 17533, 17541, 17542, 26620, 26834, 28190, 73277
  • DeWalt DW616, DW618
  • Hitachi M12VC
  • Makita RF1100, RF1101
  • Milwaukee 5615, 5616
  • Porter-Cable 690-Series, 892-895-Series, 7529 Plunge Router
  • Ryobi R163K
  • Skil 1810, 1815, 1820, 1825.

The table features a smooth, laminated MDF top with adjustable laminated MDF faceplates. It has a bit height gauge for easy set up and precise cuts. There is a tall fence that can accommodate tall stock, and the dual feather boards provide extra control. The starter pin and guard support the work piece and also allow for better control. 
This is a great table for light duty or new/casual woodworkers. It’s easy to set up and store, and it’s an excellent value when you consider all the features it comes with. The table is light enough to transport easily but it can also live on your work table permanently. It’s thoughtfully designed with little extras such as storage compartments in the legs. You’ll appreciate how efficient and compact it is. If you’re looking for something for a new workshop or something that can go on the road with you, this just might be it.